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[Ep 77] Gain Momentum in Your Life by Doing Something Small Every Single Day

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In this episode, I will be talking to you about how to gain momentum and how if you do something every day in your chosen field of success, you will receive the success that you wish for.

Every day, we should be building momentum in everything we do. It’s so easy to roll over and say you’re sick or you are tired and you’ll do it tomorrow but once we stop, even for a day, we lose momentum. If we lose momentum, then progress in our chosen fields becomes harder and harder.

Whatever it might be – getting better in your sport, or at an instrument, or moving your business forward or your friendships and relationships; daily momentum matters. Daily, consistent, persistent, and small movements every day is necessary.

Podcast Content

  1. Life is like a game of chess
  2. We must play the long game
  3. How can you move your life forward?
  4. Dedicate time in your day to progress daily in your chosen field

We can play life like a giant game of chess. In chess, you must move a chess piece forward to progress. Unless you move a piece forward, you will not be playing to win. It’s all about risk-taking – even if you don’t know if you will be successful or how you will be successful, movement will ensure you will move forward.

Gain Momentum by Doing Something Everyday

This is the same in life, every day you should do something, no matter how big or how small that will help you progress in life.

With your business, it could be updating your website or making a new connection. With your sport, it could be practicing your sport every day.

If you don’t have too much free time, that’s fine. A quick five minutes focusing on your passion will definitely add up in the long run. Life is long, and it can’t be rushed.

As long as you are doing something, you will move forward and gain momentum in life. One little thing every day will set you on the right track for the life you want to lead.

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