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[Ep 86] If You Create for Yourself, It Will Make Your Creative Life Easier

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In this episode, I’ll be talking to you about my writing experience and how I feel that we should write for ourselves, not for anyone else outside of ourselves. When you write for yourself, it makes your creative life easier.

Nowadays, people tend to focus more on what people think about them, and gaining appreciation and respect from people, than anything else. Focusing on this makes us lose sight of what is important to us.

When we write, we really need to focus on the joy and ecstasy that the art of writing brings to our lives, rather than anything else. This is highly important for success in the field.

Podcast Content

  1. Why do you write
  2. Are you writing because you want to be appreciated by externals
  3. What makes you come alive
  4. Do what you want but make sure you do it for you

Take a minute and think about what makes you come alive. Is it writing, watching a sport, playing an instrument or taking awesome photographs? Whatever it is, why did you start doing it? It wasn’t for the external accolades. You started with it, because you liked doing it, and it made me feel alive.

Write for Yourself To Avoid Relying Too Much on Praise

I have always loved writing. It is one of those things for me – that I would do even if I was sick or dying. I have noticed though that whenever I start getting a lot of praise on my writing from people outside of myself, I stop writing for the fun of it.

I start writing because I want more and more of this praise. Writing becomes about other people and what I thought they wanted.

The problem with praise or external appreciation is that it’s fickle. It changes. And if we base our enjoyment of our craft on it, then we will be on this rollercoaster of wanting to work on our craft or not, based on the amount of praise we are getting.

Appreciation will come and go, but what should stay with you forever is that fire you feel in your soul, that glow you get when you see your own work come to life.

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