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[Ep 87] Do Your Business Your Way

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In this episode, I’ll be talking to you about how people tend to look up to and copy other people’s life strategies in hopes that they will emulate that persons’ success. But I say you need to do your business your way.

I advocate the policy of modifying other people’s strategies to fit your own lifestyle, characteristics, and personality traits. That’s the way to be truly successful.

We need to do our own thing in life. Many people seem to think that if they follow the format that someone else is using to run their business then they will also become successful.

The problem is that just because one strategy worked for one person, that doesn’t mean that this strategy would work for you as well. It’s a hit-or-miss kind of strategy.

We need to stand out from the crowd, do our own thing and not be sheep following the herd.

Podcast Content

  1. Following other people’s life formats
  2. My experience trying to use someone’s format for my business
  3. Follow your heart
  4. Your intuition is very important
  5. Make your own life format

When I first started my business, I felt like the only way I would become a success was to follow the path of other successful people in my field. After I while, I realized that even though the formats I had adopted for myself were good formats, they weren’t truly suited to the kind of person I was and the sort of business I wanted to run.

Do Your Business Your Way

It can be scary going off on your own and doing things differently than others, but it will make your business your own. And you may very well become the success that you wish to become, in your own way. You just need to follow your heart.

Our intuition is very powerful, and it shouldn’t be ignored. If your intuition is telling you that this is how you should run your business, then that’s probably the universe’s way of showing you the path you need to take. We should always go with what our gut and heart are telling us.

Life can be confusing and stressful enough, but if you just have a bit of confidence in yourself and your gift, then life will work out the way you want it too. You just need to believe in yourself.

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