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[Ep 92] No Healthy Gut Flora, No Happy Life

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In this episode, we’re going to be speaking about the second brain, i.e. the gut. A close friend has been teaching me about gut flora. I learned how fermented food helps us have a healthy gut flora and a healthy life overall.

Podcast Content

  1. Why the gut is the second brain
  2. The origin of intuition, gut feeling and body intelligence
  3. Importance of fermented food
  4. Role of gut bacteria

After learning about gut flora, my life has changed. One of the things that blew my mind was that there are more neurons in your gut than are in your brain.

The evolutionary mechanism was to prevent the brain from taking part in the process of digestion. The brain handles the decision-making and the rational part of the human body.

Happy Gut Flora, Happy Life

Our gut is way too complex for it to perform digestion only. I believe that gut instinct, body intelligence, and intuition come from our gut. As we like to say, “I have a gut feeling.”

In the future, when more people learn about the importance of healthy gut flora, there will be gut clinics for mental health issues. A human body needs to have a healthy gut to have a healthy mind.

If our gut bacteria are happy, then we are happy. To keep them happy every day, we should feed them what they need and avoid what they hate.

Avoid too much sugar, gluten, and dairy. At least one tablespoon of fermented food every day will improve the health of your gut flora. Some examples of fermented food are kombucha, kimchi, and kefir.

The great thing about fermented foods is that you can make them at home easily and on the cheap. Have you ever tried it? Yogurt is the easiest thing to make, as is kimchi.

I want to conclude by addressing that gut bacteria are the predominant being in our body. We are merely parasites.

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