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[Ep 94] Everything Unnecessary Pulls At Our Psychic Energy

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In this episode, we’ll be speaking about unnecessary things in our lives that pull from us. Some of the unnecessary stuff is possessions, unread emails, and not-so-close friends.

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Here are some things I will chat about in this episode.

People don’t realize how much their mental health and psychic energy are affected by the stuff they own. Your possessions play a significant role in shaping your mindset.

For example, people don’t use 80% of the things that are in their closets. Also, some own a lot of furniture they don’t need. All of this takes up your psychic energy and burns you out.

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Another example of possessions is hundreds of unread emails. Everyone has to start unsubscribing and reducing the online clutter as it pulls from us. Ever since I started doing this, my life has changed.

Currently, I’m in Chiang Mai living out of my suitcase. The only possession that matters to me is my passport and laptop. Everything else I have with me is my old clothes that don’t matter.

It has changed my life as nothing is pulling energy from me. Also, it makes me more creative because of the surplus of energy.

If you think you can drink coffee and get energy, you’re right. But it means that you’re borrowing that energy from the future. Our body has a certain amount of energy for each day.

By drinking coffee or energy drinks, you’re borrowing your power from the energy bank. It may lead to sickness in the future. Eventually, it will make you tired in the long run.

The subject of this podcast is to make you realize that the less stuff you have around, the less tired you will be.

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