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[Ep 95] Yin and Yang Is the Way Of the World

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In this episode, we’ll be speaking about yin and yang – darkness and light. Recently I did seven days, seven cafes, seven posts challenge with my good friend. I’ll be sharing my experience and the lessons I learned after doing the challenge.

Podcast Content

Here’s what we will chat about in this podcast episode.

  • The challenge
  • Consequences of the challenge
  • The yin and yang symbol
  • The balance between the good and the bad

I did the challenge with one of my good friends. We went to different cafes and talked about various topics for 3-4 hours every day. And then we had to write about it after. There was no specific way or form to write about it. It could be a blog, essay, etc.

Although this experience seems quite normal, it wasn’t. After every meeting, we felt exhausted. I couldn’t work or do anything else all day. It shows that we had our highs, but we also had some lows. 

Yin and Yang – Where There’s Light, There’s Darkness Too

Most people think positive people are full of joy and nothing else. But the truth is that if they hadn’t experienced the darkness, they wouldn’t be capable of experiencing the light.

The yin and yang symbol portrays that one cannot exist without another.

People who are depressed or unhappy have some positivity inside them. It just hasn’t been illuminated yet. The good cannot exist without the bad.

Every good quality that you possess also has its opposite quality. It is how humans exist. One shouldn’t be too happy or too generous. 

One has to balance out the generosity with some miserly. We need to have both aspects of it. Otherwise, we’re going to be imbalanced. The yin yang symbol is about the perfect balance. 

It is about living a balanced life. Think about all the good qualities you have. And then I urge you to think about all the opposite qualities that you’re refusing to see. 

You may be a nice person. When you’re bitchy, you hate it. But it is vital to hold a little bit of both. Think about how you can create a balance of darkness and light in your life.

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