[Ep 96] The Universe Needs Our Consciousness To Be Conscious

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Welcome to another podcast episode. In this episode, I want to share my thoughts about a quote by Eckhart Tolle, “Ultimately you are not a person, but a focal point where the universe is becoming conscious of itself”. It comes from the idea of fractiles.

Podcast Content

  1. The concept of fractiles
  2. How the universe is becoming conscious of itself through us
  3. Humans are co-creating this world with the universe
  4. We are more than just a piece of meat
  5. Spiritual awakening

In fractiles, one small part of something is a tiny, perfect replica of the whole. And that is how each human being is the perfect replica of the universe. We hold the universe in ourselves because we are the universe, and the universe is us.

If nothing else existed except for one of us, the universe would still exist. The universe is becoming conscious of itself through us. If we are helping the universe become aware of itself, the universe will not know itself unless we exist. It sounds overwhelming. But doesn’t it make sense?

Humans Are More Than Just a Piece of Meat – We Are Fractiles

Humans are co-creating this world with the universe. We were not placed on this planet to get a job, start a family and retire. We’re here because we’re an absolute, essential need for the universe to exist.

“Humans need to live for the idea of the universe to exist.”

If consciousness didn’t exist, the universe wouldn’t exist either. Like the chicken and the egg theory, we don’t know what came first. The universe needs consciousness to be aware of itself. But consciousness is a part of the universe. 

We need to address this subject because it shows that we’re playing a vital role in the universe by existing. We’re more than just flesh, bones, and blood. We’re here because we were supposed to be. I believe that we’re going through a spiritual awakening. We were asleep for a long time, and now we’re awake. 

The more spiritually awakened we become, the more we can help the universe with our consciousness. Everything is interconnected. Everything matters.

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