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[Ep 97] Are You Pulling Energy From Your Future Self?

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In this episode, I want to share everything I know about our energy bank. Many of us are pulling energy from our future selves. I’ll also be talking about its consequences.

Podcast Content

  1. What is an energy bank
  2. Dangers of energy boosters
  3. Body intelligence and gut flora
  4. Connecting and communicating with your body

Every human has a set amount of energy to use every day and throughout life. It’s called the energy bank. Some have higher energy levels than others. To be productive, most people take energy boosters like caffeine, cocaine, and various energy drinks.

By doing this, people are just pushing themselves harder than they should. They’re pretending that they have more energy than they do. 

It may work out well when we’re younger. But as we get older, every time you pull from your energy bank, you’re detrimentally affecting your body. Most people experience heart attacks because of this reason. Demanding more energy from your future self has its consequences.

Gut Flora Affects Your Energy Bank

My energy level fluctuates as I go through hormonal changes. Some days, I work a lot. Some days I don’t. Especially before I get my period, I don’t feel as energetic. And I lose motivation

When this happens, I must listen to what my body is trying to tell me. My body wants to rest. And I should let it rest.

We should listen to our body’s intelligence, to our gut rather than our minds. I believe the human mind is quite stupid when it comes to ethereal concepts. It helps when you have to solve a math problem. But it’s not great at following the natural rhythms of the universe.

An intense urge to drink orange juice may indicate that you’re missing vitamin C. When we fall sick, it’s our bodies giving us a warning. It wants you to take a break and get some rest. Instead, we take some pills and work harder. 

Such behavior makes us sicker and sicker. Therefore, it is crucial to connect and communicate with our bodies. By doing this, you’re taking care of your future self. 

You preserve your time on earth by looking after yourself.

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