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[Ep 89] Stay Open To Every Experience As Much As Possible

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In this episode, I will be chatting about why we should say “yes” to everything – as much as possible. We have a tendency as humans to label something as good or bad, even before we have had any experience with it. We are preempting our hatred of it, because we “think” we will hate it.

Why do we label certain experiences negative and some as positive? It is to do with our past experiences, and our ancestral trauma. We label things as good or bad, because we think they are going to cause us pain or bring us pleasure. But how about we try a different method? How about we experience the item before labelling it either good or bad?

Podcast Content

  1. Stop closing off your mind
  2. The universe is our playmate
  3. Stop labeling experiences
  4. Experiences help us grow and learn
  5. Your emotions matter

The universe is incredibly clever and wants us to achieve great things in life. New experiences that come into our paths are not there by accident. The universe has placed them there for us to use. We grow from experiences and learn more about ourselves and this life we live.

Experiences are only negative or positive because we label them so. If you go into an experience with an open mind and a happy heart, then the experience is going to be positive. But if you go in being negative and close-minded, then you’re not going to enjoy the experience.

You need to stop and ask yourself, why do I perceive this experience as a negative? There are many different factors as to why this could be. You are always creating the world around you with your thoughts and emotions. What kind of a world do you want to create?

We need to change our own perceptions and take everything that comes into our stride with a smile on our face. Every new experience will help us grow as a person and learn new things to help us live our ideal life.

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