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[Ep 52] Find Your Tribe to 10x Your Life

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In this episode, I’ll be chatting about the importance of finding your tribe or community to really get the support you need to grow your life and business.Loneliness frequently stems from isolation. When I first quit my job and began my online business, I felt incredibly alone. Though I am learning a lot from various online forums, I felt lost and started questioning the path I am currently taking. Being a social creature, I began hating my path and everything I do. My first attempt to break through this was finding my first tribe – people who think like me, individuals who are working on their online business and who believed that there is more to life than 9-5 jobs, those who make it a point to travel as the norm and not as a mere fad. They made me realize that the kind of life I want isn’t just a castle in the air.

Podcast Content

In this podcast episode, I will be chatting about the following things:
  1. How finding a tribe changed my life?
  2. What does a community mean to me?
  3. How these connections can build your progress in life?
  4. Relevant information on finding your tribe.
  5. Other amazing things and other stuff (you gotta listen to get it).
Even though I felt less alone, eventually I outgrew the first tribe I found. I then realized that I need an actual tribe that I can be face to face with.It was when I moved to Chiang Mai because I’ve learned that’s where people like me congregate – Digital Nomads. I met people who are similar to me and who made me feel connected both to the community and the universe. I have been making so much progress in my life since then.And this is the power of finding your tribe – it makes you feel alive and, regardless of any difficulty you may encounter, with your tribe you learn to move forward.

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