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[Ep 80] Flow States Are My New Obsession and You Need To Get In on This

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In this episode, I’ll be talking to you about flow states. What are Flow states and how are they important to human beings who want to live fulfilling lives?

If you don’t already know, a Flow state is that feeling you get when you are in alignment with the universe and everything in your life feels perfect and life is going just the way you want it.

At this moment, life couldn’t be any better even if you tried. Everything, life, relationships, work, they all feel effortless and life feels like it will pass you by so quickly.

Podcast Content

  1. What is Flow state
  2. How to improve your Flow state
  3. A Flow state can enhance your life
  4. How I changed my life and achieve my Flow state
  5. Find what makes you happy in life and do it!

If you are unhappy in your life or in a situation where you are not happy, be it a job you don’t like or a relationship you’re not happy in, this can block you from reaching your flow state.

For me being in Chiang Mai, in a place I love, and being surrounded by positive people lets me achieve my Flow state.

Flow States – Meditation Can Help You Get Into It

Meditation can also help you get your Flow state. Meditation can be different for everyone.

Some people meditate by sitting in a cross-legged position and closing their eyes. Others by dancing, moving, or singing. Be present within the moment, be aware of what is around you and your breathing.

When we are living in the moment, it’s easier to see how incredible the universe and the life we have is and we can be grateful for it.

Life is so short. One moment you’re here, the next you could be gone. Why waste our precious time doing stuff that makes us unhappy and brings negativity into our lives?

If you start spending more time doing the things you love and what makes you happy, you will reach your Flow state easier and faster.

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