Growth vs fixed mindset

[Ep 113] Growth Vs. Fixed Mindset And The Relation To Success

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What is success? Is it making a million dollars or buying a house? In this episode, I talk about what success means to me and the difference between growth vs fixed mindset.

Podcast Content

  1. What Is Success?
  2. To Try Is to Succeed
  3. Types of People and Their Mindsets
  4. Growth Vs Fixed Mindset

Anyone who is working to achieve their goals is a successful person.

I believe that it takes strength to have your mind settle on one thing and work to accomplish it.

I have a friend who wants to attain her dream no matter what it takes. She is ready to work at Walmart if it helps her. And I have the same mindset as well. 

Types of People and Their Mindsets

There is a type of people who want to achieve their dreams. But they never try or take the first step. They’re too scared to fail. But they don’t understand that the first step to success is to try. If you never try, you will never know if you could’ve made it.

Then there is the second type of people who try and take the first step. But they take little or no effort. They do a half job of it and decide to give up. They give it one try and stop.

The third type is the ones who keep on trying. They strive until they see a shining light at the end of the tunnel. They work hard until they find hope. And they continue still to attain what they wanted. 

The best part about them is that they continue working harder even if they don’t find hope or success. 

Growth vs Fixed Mindset

The people who have a fixed mindset have made their minds that they’ll never succeed. And the people who believe that no matter the result, they want to work harder have a growth mindset. 

Even if they fail, they’re growing as a human. The journey matters as much as the destination.  

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