Kindness is not weakness

[Ep 119] Kindness Is Not Weakness, but Many People Think It Is

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Welcome back to another episode. In this episode, I talk about the problems I face, when people assume kindness is weakness.

I think I am a nice and generous person in general. But sometimes, people mistake it for my weakness.

Podcast Content

  1. I am kind because that’s who I am
  2. My kindness is not weakness
  3. I’m nice until I’m not
  4. Do not take a warm hearted person for granted

I am a generous person. I am never mean or impolite. I think that is how everyone should be.

I believe you should treat others how you want to be treated. If you want others to be polite to you, you have to be polite to them first.

Sometimes, people take advantage of my kindness. They think that my kindness is a permission slip for them to exploit me.

My Kindness Is Not Weakness 

Do not take advantage of me. Do not take my generosity for kindness.

I can be nice until my consciousness allows me to. Once, I hit rock bottom, it’s over. I can be as harsh as I’m nice. 

If I put my mind to it, I can annihilate you. And I don’t wish to do that. It takes a massive amount of energy for me to be savage.

I don’t intend to be impolite. But if someone keeps on playing with me, I can’t help but show the other side of me. I’m warm-hearted until you cross the limit. 

Once, I had an issue with my tenants. They needed a couple more days to pay the rent.

But they took my generosity for granted. They kept asking for more time.

I allowed it. But they still failed to pay the rent despite giving them an extension.

I had to stand up for myself and show the bad side of me. I had to tell them they were stepping out of the line. And their perception of me changed.

Until now, they thought I only had a warm personality. They discovered the cold side of me

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