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[Ep 107] Stop Thinking It’s Weak To Ask For Help

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Have you ever felt weak when you ask for help from someone? Do you think it’s a shameful thing to ask for monetary help from people? How can you learn to ask for help? Let’s dive into this topic for today’s podcast.

Podcast Content

  1. Why asking for help is good
  2. To be vulnerable is to be human
  3. How trust and help go hand in hand
  4. The circle of help

People think they’ll be perceived as weak if they ask for help. Some people are afraid of being laughed at if they ask for help. But the reality is a little different.

Flex The Vulnerability Muscle

Vulnerability is about putting yourself out there in that format (asking for help) so other people can trust you more. Humans will never like someone who never asks for help. 

If someone asks me for help, I feel like they trust me. It means they trust me enough to believe that I will help. That is why we should always ask for help when needed. It helps us build our ‘vulnerability muscle’.

Learn To Ask For Help – That’s True Abundance

We have a hard time being vulnerable to this world. Everyone wants to seem perfect. But people don’t like being around perfect people because it’s just a facade. 

If you show your true self to people, they will trust you more. We always wait for the other person to take a vulnerable step first. But you have to be the first one to take that first step. 

If they judge you for being weak, then you know they’re not your friends. Real people will welcome you with open arms if you show them your vulnerability because it is relatable. 

We’re all vulnerable in different ways. We all need help at some point in life. Real people will help you. And by doing that, you’re permitting them to ask for help when they need it. It is what I call the circle of help.

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