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[Ep 104] Why Making Money From Your Creative Work Shouldn’t Matter

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There is one question that I get asked a lot ever since I started this podcast – How much money are you making? In this podcast, I talk about why it doesn’t matter. I share why I’d do this podcast forever, even if it doesn’t make me money, because making money from creative work isn’t my primary goal.

Podcast Content

  1. Why you should never ask a creative how much they make
  2. Failure of someone else has nothing to do with your dreams
  3. Why making money from your creative work shouldn’t matter
  4. How I live a minimal and fulfilled life

Not everyone wants to focus on making money. Or not everything that we do has to make money. The joy and satisfaction that this podcast gives me are beyond the value of money.

Why Making Money From Your Creative Work Shouldn’t Matter

If you ask me how much money it makes me, I’d want to punch that question out of your head. It is an unnecessary and stupid question. 

Many older people tell me that they failed at writing or publishing their work and ended up stuck in a regular job. They tell me it didn’t work for them. Therefore, it won’t work for me. I laugh at them.

It is a tragic way to look at things. Things working out don’t always have to be about money. Sometimes, it’s about peace and doing what you love.

If I don’t make money from my creative work, I’ll find other ways to pay my bills. I’m dedicated to my creative work because it keeps me sane.

If you haven’t tried everything there is to become successful, then don’t tell me that I can’t do it. I moved from Toronto to Chiang Mai so that my living cost is lower. 

I work all day on my podcasts, novels, and everything that matters to me. And I know I’ll be successful because I’ll never give up. I’ll be doing this podcast forever because it matters more than money.

How many people on this planet wake up and can’t wait to start their work? How many people love their job? I love my job, and I love my life. So, please do not ask me if I make money from it.

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