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[Ep 88] Muses Can Help You Churn Out Thousands of Creative Hours

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In this episode, I’ll be talking to you about muses and how I get all the ideas for all of the awesome, cool, different things I do every single day. And the real heroine of the show is my muse! Ta-da!

For those who are unsure, a muse is a force that is the source of inspiration and it’s where all our ideas come from. Not only mine, or yours, but every single creative person on the planet gets their ideas from their own muse.

Muses are always floating around in the air with ideas attached to them. Searching for a human like us, creative, and determined to get their idea out into the world.

I have so many ideas coming to me all throughout the day and it is confusing me as to why some people don’t. Why do some people come up with ideas easily and others do not? The answer is as simple as do you trust your muse and more importantly, does your muse trust you?

Podcast Content

  1. What are muses
  2. Where do our ideas come from
  3. Giving up your ego
  4. Please don’t write with your thinking mind

Muses always guide my way and send me ideas. Incredible ideas. When I’m writing, I drop my ego and let myself be free and the muse takes over.

My Muses Help Me Write Thousands of Words

I can write for hours at that point. I am given so many ideas. Sometimes I can’t write them all down.

Ideas are always there, waiting for us to take a chance upon them.

Even if you don’t believe in the muse, ideas are all around us. You can find inspiration from people, places, sounds, or anything else.

You just need to start paying attention and being alert to the ideas all around you. Once you have an idea, don’t doubt it. Just go with it.

Believe in the idea and work with it. Massage it into a thing of beauty with your creativity.

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