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[Ep 24] Online Business Has Many Beginnings; Social Media Is One

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In this episode, I’ll be chatting with the very awesome Katie Momo. She’ll be sharing her thoughts and experiences in the world of marketing, specifically, how a social media manager works. Katie helps businesses with their marketing strategies. Katie is well rounded in several skills such as Facebook advertising, copywriting, and social media management. You guys might be wondering how people like Katie started social media marketing. Well, Katie admitted that she started in a “weird” way, or to put it out, it wasn’t an easy road for her to take. Her story started when she chose to create her own line of jewelry and she was researching on how to market her products. Her web developer said to her, “Why don’t you try social media marketing (or SMM)?”, and the rest is history.

Podcast Content

In this podcast, I’ll be chatting about the following things:
  1. What is “SMM” or social media marketing?
  2. Katie will share her stories on how she tried SMM
  3. Katie’s inspirations in pursuing SMM and some coaching
  4. How being multi-passionate helps in one’s success (I’ll also share my stories)
  5. A passion-based business is the best
  6. Other amazing and awesome stuff (you gotta listen to get it!).
Most of us have doubts with dipping our feet into new endeavours. But you truly won’t know until you try. SMM was pretty new when she started but Katie was brave enough to try it and look at her now. She’s an expert in a great field, that allows her to work from home, and be free. Any questions? Drop them in the comments. I’m always happy to help!

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