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[Ep 101] Coming Back To The Basics With How We Treat Money

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Welcome back to The Millionaire Hippie Podcast. I am so grateful that you’re listening. In this episode, I want to talk about something pretty basic – how people treat money.

Podcast Content

  1. How most people treat money
  2. How should you treat your physical money
  3. Why arranging your cash is crucial

People around me treat their physical money, their bills, and coins poorly. They squish their money and fold them messily. If we don’t treat our physical bills properly, how do we expect more of it to come into our lives?

If you want something to come, stay, and thrive in your life, you have to treat it with love. Your physical money is abundant in its form. 

We work immensely hard to make a living. We do everything we can to earn money every day. But do we take care of it once we’ve got it? 

Treat Your Money Well – It’s Crucial

Open your wallet/purse right now and see how you’ve put your money in it. Is it spread out everywhere messily? Is it lying around in your apartment?

If so, then take some time and arrange your money. Organize your bills in ascending or descending order. Collect all your coins and put them in a jar.

If your money is all around the place, what message are you sending out to the universe? It appears that you don’t care about your money. It shows you don’t care about abundance in your life.

Whenever you get money in your life, does it make you happy? Or do you get fed up with it? Any rational human being is always delighted to receive money. Then why do you treat it like you don’t need it?

You shouldn’t just take care of thousand dollar bills or five thousand dollar bills. One must care for every denomination of money. Next time you receive a penny, thank the universe for it.

It matters how we treat our money. It matters how we receive it and how we give it away.

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