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[Ep 61] Want A Manifesting Tip To Manifest All The Goodies?

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In this episode, I’ll be sharing with you about manifesting everything we want and more.We are all afraid to want too much, but we also want to be able to manifest all of what we want. These conflicting thoughts are killing our manifesting powers. Listen up – the universe wants, wants, wants you to have every thing you want and more. Everything, with a capital E.But this does not mean I am just sitting around and not doing any work. The work doesn’t necessary need to be external, but can be internal as well.Every single time, I sit down to do a meditation session, I’m bringing up my vibration level, and becoming a better manifestor. Ever single time, I do yoga, or dance in my living room, I’m doing the same. It all matters. There isn’t anything that is too little. In fact, all the little things add up to make up all the big ones.

Podcast Content

In this podcast episode, I will be chatting about the following things:
  1. Why is manifesting so powerful?
  2. How to do it the SMART way?
  3. Sharing some tips and tricks on how to manifest.
  4. How the universe can turn things around for us?
  5. Other amazing things and other stuff (you gotta listen to get it).
You have probably heard that the goals need to be SMART, as in specific, measurable, attainable, realistic or relevant, and time-based.That’s great if you have already created goals like this. But I have found that if you are trying to manifest something and if you are asking the universe for something, it is better not to put too much specificity into that request.For example, if I ask the universe for a new client or money, I don’t tell the universe how much money should come into my life or when and where I should have it.All I said was I want some funds coming into my life and I hope it happens in the next 24 hours.What we are trying to do here is to give the universe its free reign to bring these things to our lives. Remember that the universe knows more than we will ever know in our lifetime. It is wiser than us. It knows everything. We simply need to trust it to deliver things that we need in its own special way.

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