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[Ep 40] 7 Days Of Learning – Vagabonding by Rolf Potts

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In this episode of the 7 Days Of Learning, I’ll be chatting about another life-changing book for me.

I am a true fan of Rolf Potts, as I absolutely love the way he writes, and thinks.

This is a simple read on long-term, low budget travel. If you already live a nomadic lifestyle, or if you have always dreamed of exploring the world without a deadline, you will find this book enriching and inspiring.

I grew up moving around in different countries, and this book definitely confirmed and amplified my desire to eat the world!

It is full of travel wisdom and provides a different view on life.

This episode will excite you and hopefully give you itchy feet!

Podcast Content

In this podcast, I will be chatting about the following things:

  1. Do I need to be a millionaire to travel?
  2. Out of the comfort zone – everything is possible
  3. I’ll share some of my personal travelling experiences
  4. How seeing the world can help with seeing who we truly are
  5. Tips on travelling on your own
  6. Other amazing and awesome stuff (you gotta listen to get it!)

The interesting thing is that when I first picked up this book at the age of 28, it all felt like brand new information. I couldn’t believe the words that were written in the book. I thought it was a scam.

But the more I read it, and integrated it into my psyche, the more I realized I can actually use this to create a nouveau lifestyle for me.

Feel free to share your own travelling experiences or advice in comments!

I’m always here to help!

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