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[Ep 12] 3rd Immutable Law Of The Universe – The Law Of Vibration

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In this episode, I’ll be chatting about the third immutable law of the universe – The Law of Vibration. First and foremost, what does immutable mean? It basically means that these laws of the universe are universal – they are apparent and working even if we are aware of it or not. It’s like the Law of Gravity – even if you are aware of it or not, the law will affect you and your descent from a tall building.If we want to use these laws to our advantage, it is best that we learn about them as soon as possible.The Law of Vibration talks about energy at a quantum level. Everything is energy and vibration at the most quantum level. Energy can take many forms: man, animal, plant or rock.The analogy goes like this: if you are emitting a positive vibration, more people will want to be around that positive vibration. If you are emitting a negative vibration, you are basically going to repel people with that vibration. To keep it short and simple, it’s just like a magnet and a metal that are attracted to each other.It is highly recommended that you are careful with what sort of energies you are surrounding yourself with.If you want to be a success in life, not only do you have to have a really high vibration, but you have to surround yourself with people and situations that have a high vibration. In addition, it is important to put only high vibration food items into your body as fuel.Podcast ContentIn this podcast, I’ll be talking about the following things:
  1. What is an immutable law?
  2. Why do they matter and how can we use them?
  3. What does the Law of Vibration say?
  4. How to take advantage of the Law of Vibration?
  5. Some of my insights and stories about this Law
  6. And other amazing and awesome stuff (you gotta listen to get it!).
We feel the Law of Vibration whenever we meet a new person and their energy (vibration) affects us either positively or negatively. We also feel it when we enter a room and we feel the energy in the room instantly.Any questions? Drop a comment below and I’ll answer them. I’m always here to help!

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