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[Ep 125] Is Your Brainpower Being Devoted To Fluff?

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In this episode, I talk about how our brain is limited, and it doesn’t multitask, so we must write it down.  

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  1. Refocusing on a pending task
  2. The human brain cannot multitask
  3. Write it down

We all think we multitask when we do multiple things at a time. But the truth is that we cannot multitask, we just switch back and forth between thoughts, and it can get very tiring. 

When you focus on something and get distracted, it takes 25 minutes for your brain to refocus. Imagine the amount of energy your brain requires to do multiple things and also think and store so much information.

Write It Down

We all have that one thing or possibly many things on our minds that we wish to do. It might be paying your taxes or buying new towels. And it remains a pending task in your head for so long that you’ve spent weeks on end just thinking about it. 

It is unhealthy for your brain to keep things inside rather than doing it as it takes up a lot of energy. It also takes a lot of brain space. 

To avoid it from happening, the best thing to do is to write your tasks or thoughts down on paper. When you write something down, you give it life. Now, it is not just in your head, but it is physically present on a piece of paper.

The human brain is constantly working, even when we’re asleep.

We constantly think about stuff, especially pending tasks that take up energy, and we must stop it. 

Write your thoughts down on paper instead of wasting your brainpower on just thinking. Finish the tasks one after another with time and release your brain from this misery. 

What do you think about this? Are you going to start writing things down? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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