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[Ep 79] Do You Know What Your Values Are?

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In this episode, I’ll be chatting with you about your values and how we all should figure out our values that will then help guide our life choices and paths.

Have you ever done your value system? It’s very easy to work out what your top five are and knowing them will help you work towards your ideal life.

Life can be crazy and hectic. Knowing our core values will help us live a happy, and positive life. Not only that, but it will also help us prioritize our goals, and guide our life in the right direction.

Podcast Content

  1. Have you done your value system
  2. What are your values
  3. The values I live by
  4. Why having an understanding of our core values is important

Once you understand what your top priorities are, use the most important one to guide you and your choices in life.

What Are Your Values? – My Top Value Is Freedom

My top value in life is freedom. I want to have as much freedom in my life as possible. I want the freedom to live where I want, to spend my money how I wish, and to work on the projects I choose.

This is how I view freedom, but this might be very different from how someone else views freedom. Your values are for yourself, and no one else.

Make sure your values are true to you and your beliefs. Someone else might view freedom as the ability to surf all day long, or not work a 9 to 5 job.

To someone else, it might be financial freedom. This doesn’t mean that your idea is wrong, it’s just personal to you.

Sit down, decide on your top core priorities and live your life by them. If you have to make any tough decisions, refer to your list first and make sure they are in line with each other. This will help you live a happy and ideal life.

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