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Think Of Everything You Do As Seeds You Are Planting

When an oak tree puts out acorns, it knows not all acorns are actually going to result into another oak tree. In fact, one oak tree can put as many as 10,000 acorns in their masting year. And statistically, only one of those acorns is going to take seed properly and grow into a fully-grown oak tree. If you think those are poor stats, I absolutely agree. (Btw, these stats are from the fascinating book, The Hidden Life Of Trees,…

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[Ep 89] Stay Open To Every Experience As Much As Possible

In this episode, I will be chatting about why we should say “yes” to everything – as much as possible. We have a tendency as humans to label something as good or bad, even before we have had any experience with it. We are preempting our hatred of it, because we “think” we will hate it. Why do we label certain experiences negative and some as positive? It is to do with our past experiences, and our ancestral trauma. We…

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