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[Ep 72] Action Matters More Than Plans

How true is this! How many times have you planned to have a catch up with a friend or plan to go get a coffee and it never happens? Instead of wasting time making plans, why don’t we just do? I was recently involved in a scavenger hunt and my team and I just got up and took action, compared to the other teams that sat down and strategized. This got me thinking, why do some people spend time creating…

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Can We Just Stop Talking About Shit And Actually Do Something?

Recently, I was sitting with an acquaintance of mine. She wanted to pick my brain, and even though, I absolutely despise that phrase, I decided to do it, because I don’t want to be a completely selfish human being. As we were sitting down, and chatting, I explained to her that I go to bed at around 730 or 8pm, because my nighttime routines take a bit of time, so I actually fall asleep around 830 or 9pm. And then,…

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