[Ep 72] Action Matters More Than Plans

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How true is this! How many times have you planned to have a catch up with a friend or plan to go get a coffee and it never happens? Instead of wasting time making plans, why don’t we just do things? Instead of pretending like we are going to do someday far away in the future, why don't we take action right now? I was recently involved in a scavenger hunt. All of the other teams started planning. My team was the only one who did things differently - we got up right away and took action. This got me thinking. Why do some people spend time creating plans and strategies instead of taking some solid, tangible action? Actions speak louder than words, don't they? Or at least they should, in my opinion. Podcast Content Strategizing vs Actions Practice makes perfect We all need to accept our failures Stop putting people on pedestals Yes, planning has its place in our lives. Plan…

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Can We Just Stop Talking About Shit And Actually Do Something?

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Recently, I was sitting with an acquaintance of mine. She wanted to pick my brain, and even though, I absolutely despise that phrase, I decided to do it, because I don’t want to be a completely selfish human being. As we were sitting down, and chatting, I explained to her that I go to bed at around 730 or 8pm, because my nighttime routines take a bit of time, so I actually fall asleep around 830 or 9pm. And then, I wake up around 530 or 6am. Depending on the day.

Her comeback to that was, “Wow, that’s around 9 hours. You must have no stress in your life at all.”

I wanted to cut her to pieces right then and there, because she was making an assumption about my entire life and persona based on the fact that I sleep really well. The truth is that this person that I was speaking to is absolutely fucking miserable.

She’s unhappy. Absolutely unhappy. Her solution to all of her misery?? To sit with other miserable people and chatter and whitter about it all freaking day and night. (more…)

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