The Stoic Concept Of Loving Your Fate Is So Beautiful

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I was listening to some beautiful Japanese anime music, when it happened. My car was hit in the back by someone who didn’t stop in time because perhaps they were distracted. Of course, they were at fault. Not only because in my city and province, the rule states so, but also, because he admitted that he was in a hurry.

I ended up consoling the poor guy, because he was so filled with fear, and was shaking with it. His lips and hands were trembling. I felt so terrible for him. As I sat back in the car, after exchanging insurance information with him, I had this interesting thought. I wondered to myself why the beautiful and generous universe had decided to send me this car accident at this time. What was her reasoning?

I am a sort of reverse paranoid, where I believe the universe is always working towards ensuring that I am happy, healthy, and living my best life. Everything the universe does for me is to ensure that something good happens for me.  (more…)

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Your Life Is Perfect In Hindsight, So Why Not In The Moment?

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I have been thinking about this topic a lot lately – Amor Fati. I am building a membership site at the moment. And, it is fascinating to me how so many skills that I have developed over the past 2 years (and more) have aligned perfectly so that I can create this site right now without much technical help from the outside. It’s so odd to me because for the longest time, I was a creative person. I believed myself to be creative, and non-technical.

But in 2014-5, I joined a company called Blueprint with a colleague and a boss (Sab and Ruth), both of whom pushed me constantly to become more technical. I am so grateful for their encouragement now, but at the time I used to wonder why they are torturing me with all of this extra work.

According to Sab, I had to learn how to become more technical right now. He wanted me to learn how to code HTML and CSS right at this moment. He knew I could do it, and he encouraged me constantly. He was a self-taught master and he knew that it was possible for me as well. He also asked me to use Adobe Photoshop to create simple graphics.  (more…)

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