Yoga Is The Gateway Tool To Spiritual Awakening

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People always ask me the same question – what started me on this journey of spiritual awakening, and self-actualization? There are many answers to it, of course. I sometimes feel like I have been on this journey forever and ever, and it’s a never ending path that I will be on for a long time to come. Past lives and future lives all devoted to the same goal.

But, if I had to think about it with regards to this specific lifetime that I am in, at the moment, I would have to say it was when I seriously started doing yoga.

It is such a simple thing, isn’t it?? I mean, all you are doing is moving your body here and there, hither and thither, in a wide variety of asinine postures.

But, anyone who has done yoga, knows that it isn’t just about turning your body into an assortment of pretzel-like poses. It’s more than that, and that’s why I believe that yoga is the gateway tool to the spiritual enlightenment or awakening journey. It is the thing that gets hundreds and thousands of people onto the path and gets them interested in what is beyond the illusion of maya.


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The More You Know, The Less You Realize You Know – The More Relaxed You Become

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When I was in my twenties, I thought I knew everything. Like a typical young know-it-all, I thought I had discovered the secrets to the world. In my opinion, every one around me was foolish, and I was the only smart one holding the answer key to life’s questions.

But weirdly enough, the more I thought I knew, the more nervous I became about life. Life was scary somehow. If I knew all of the answers, then where did I have to go from here? Where could I go but down from here?

Also, what if the answers I had were completely false? What if I think I know, but I actually don’t know? But I have to keep on pretending to know, because I made such a big show about knowing to everyone in my life. I can’t say I don’t know anything anymore, because then I will look foolish in everyone’s eyes.

This nervousness didn’t leave my life for a long time.


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The Same Messages Appear As We Forget The Lessons

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Recently, I have started taking part in a lot of varied healing modalities. This means that I am spending a lot of my free time, either recovering from some kind of physical or spiritual pain, or integrating the lessons learned. Self-care has become an absolute priority for me. Because without knowing how far I can push myself, and how much time to take away to rest, I will start disintegrating very fast.

Due to this, the universe has started sending me messages upon messages, about the importance of self-care. These messages come from all sources. Friends, family members, random people off the street, and more.

I learn the lesson from someone and I am good about self-care for maybe a few days or weeks. And then I forget about its importance, or I get busy. Instantly, the universe will perk up again, and send me another message from another person or situation about the importance of self-care. Hopefully, this will then reestablish itself into my mind space.


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[Ep 82] We Are Living Lives Of Bliss, We Just Have To Awaken

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In this episode. I’ll be talking to you about how incredible the world we live in is and how we just need to open our eyes wide to realize this. I am so grateful that I can do what I love for a living. My work, the place where I live, the people I associate myself with, all fill my life with joy. I’m in a constant flow state because of this. Sometimes though, when I speak to people outside my bubble, they always question me about money. Do I make money from my business? Why is this the first question people ask me? Why don’t people ask me if I’m happy? Money plays such a big role in our lives and we often forget that there is more to life than just earning money Podcast Content Why is money so important to people? Do what makes you happy Are you living a joyful life? What is your unique gift? How can…

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