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Hows That One Year Plan Working Out For You?

I met up with a friend recently. In fact, I have met up with a bunch of friends recently in Toronto as I have come back for a short sojourn to say hello and goodbye all in the same breath. I sit down with each friend, in a different location, but the conversation surprisingly runs exactly the same. The questions are asked entirely by them. All of my attempts to ask them about their life is thwarted by the comment,…

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[Ep 9] Finding Your Tribe Is So Important For Success In Any New Endeavour

Find Your Tribe In this episode, I’ll be chatting about the importance of finding your “tribe” and how finding my tribe completely changed the course of my life and business. From a very early age, I believed that I am somehow weird and different. I believed that there weren’t others like me on this planet. People who wanted to be rich, and spiritual at the same time. It made me feel alone, lonely and isolated. As soon as I found…

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