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Everything Is Simpler Than We Actually Make It Out To Be

A few months ago, I heard this story about entrepreneurship from Denise Duffields-Thomas who wrote the book, Get Rich, Lucky Bitch. It really exemplified for me the importance of going back to the basics, of taking back control by making things as simple as possible. She said this, “A few years ago, I was at a conference for six figure income business owners who wanted to move to the next level. I had a six-figure business, but I wanted to…

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[Ep 58] Are You Making Things More Complicated Than They Are?

In this episode, I’ll be discussing about complicating simple things. Humans have this natural tendency to make things harder than they actually are. We overcomplicate things by over thinking them, examining each part and all of the possibilities that could go horribly wrong. It is, then, our duty to keep it in that simple state. When I first began my podcasts, I did not think about all the equipment and logistics that I could use for my podcast recording. All…

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