We Can Deal With Stimulus In A Conscious Aware Manner

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Fear is a natural response of the body to any outside invasion or outside stimulus. We might be sitting there in peace, happy and ecstatic to be alive. The world might seem to be right where it’s supposed to be. Everything is exactly right. And then all of a sudden, disaster strikes.

Or at least we think that disaster has struck.

Everything is exactly the same in our outer world. Nothing has really changed. Every stone, every molecule, every breath is exactly the same. But we have changed on the inside.

Hundreds of chemical reactions are going on in the brain, to change who we are, and where we are going. We are having an almost automatic reaction, based on fear, to the stimulus, whatever it might be.


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Without Time For Integration, All Healing Is Meaningless

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I’m part of this awesome spiritual community in Chiang Mai, Thailand. There are dozens of different modalities of healing being practiced by everyone almost at the same time.

I hear of my friends doing five or six Ayahuasca medicine ceremonies, and then going off to do a Vipassana Meditation, and then going to a Tantra immersion course, all in a matter of a couple of months.

When I hear of this, it actually really scares me. Not because these individuals can’t handle it. They can. They are strong, powerful beings, who are more than capable of handling anything that is thrown at them.

But, the thing that scares me is the fact that they are not giving themselves any time at all, to integrate any of the healing that is being performed on their minds, bodies, and souls.


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[Ep 64] There Are Always Two People Inside Of Me

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In this episode, I’ll be chatting about the two people that reside inside of me.

These two people are always battling it out for priority. One believes that she is the bomb, and can do anything she puts her mind to.

[bctt tweet=”Another believes she does not know what the hell she’s talking about and wants to curl up in a ball, and hide.” username=”BoomShikha”]

I would like to share my recent conversation with a friend.

I was in a workshop and I was sitting next to this beautiful woman and she was telling me how she was trying to have faith in the universe that the money will show up because she is currently having some financial difficulties.

She relies on herself, she does not trust the others, and she believes that if she works really hard, she will be successful.

She made me realize that I am exactly the same. One part of me wants to hustle and trust only herself. (more…)

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