Be Brave Enough To Walk Away Or Tweak Something That Doesn’t Work For You Fully

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There is a lot online and even on my website about sticking to something, being persistent, being consistent, and more. I am not detracting from that at all. I cannot detract from it, because I am a shining example of being consistent, and persistent gets you to lead your ideal life. That’s what life is all about.

Keeping on going on the path that makes sense for you, and sticking with it, UNTIL, it doesn’t make sense anymore. And then tweaking your path, and moving to something that makes more sense for you.

It doesn’t mean that you bang your head again and again against something that is so obviously not working for you.  (more…)

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Do People Call You Lucky? Why Do People Attribute Success To Luck?

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I recently got my dream job offered to me on a platter. It was unexpected on all counts. Not only was I not expecting to get the job, even though I applied for it with a full heart, I didn’t expect to get it so quickly. I applied one day in the afternoon, in a random meeting with my current boss, and then the next day, I met with the owner and my boss, and they offered me the job. I mean, it is insane. I still can’t believe it. I have to pinch myself every day to believe it.

Now, I am surprised that they offered me the job for many different reasons. But the main thing is that in my head, I had this delusion or disillusion that I am not ready to work at my dream place yet. I have to grow more. Maybe even become more. I have to do more work on myself. I have to learn more about myself and this world. There were all of these assumptions that I had in my head.

But I didn’t let them hold me back. Even if I didn’t believe I would get the job, I applied wholeheartedly with visualizations, and affirmations. “I believe I will get the job. I believe I am ready for the job. I believe I am the perfect person for the job.” And so on. (more…)

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Stop Hitting The Metaphorical Snooze Button On Your Projects

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Do you know what happens when you hit the snooze button in the morning? When we wake up and go back to sleep, we are actually going back into another sleep cycle, and then interrupting it over and over again. I had an ex who used to hit the snooze button twenty times in the morning before he finally woke up. I would be up with the first alarm, and doing stuff, and he would still be hitting an hour and a half later.

The reality with all of these interrupted sleep cycles is that we feel more tired, than we just woke up the first time around, because we are going in and out of sleep several times, and not really getting any true rest. Even though, in our minds, we imagine that we are allowing ourselves to rest just a tiny bit more.

I was thinking about this snooze button, and I realized that every time someone hits the snooze button on their sleep, instead of taking a few steps forward or even standing still, they are actually being pushed a few steps backwards. This is because they are going to wake up groggy and out of sorts, instead of being refreshed by their sleep. It’s going to take them hours to truly wake up after all of those missed sleep cycles. (more…)

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Consistency Is My True and Ultimate God

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Let’s start off with a story as always. I recently started posting once a day, every morning, on YouTube. It’s nothing major. I do a video on things I am interested in, and I post it up as one of my tasks of the morning. It’s easy for me, as I don’t edit it, and I just do it impromptu as I do all of my videos. So here I am posting every single morning without thinking much about the result. In less than two weeks, my subscribers have gone from 30 to 57. Not a big rise, you say. Not a big deal, you say.

Agreed. It’s not such a big deal. It’s just a raise of a few subscribers. But it’s literally like the universe is telling me, “You are on the right track with consistent efforts. Just doing something every single day for a long period of time is the way you become a master at it, and the way you get to your goals.”  (more…)

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7 Donts To Beat The Consistency Monster At Its Own Game

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There are so many options in this beautiful world of ours. So many things we can try and do. That sometimes we end up doing nothing. We try and start a number of items. And we end up completing none.

Since I initiated the 30 Day Consistency Challenge for my loyal subscribers, I have had many tell me their stories of starting and never finishing. They call consistency the beast they never conquered. The monster that sits under their bed mocking their non-finished items.

I don’t want us to give consistency so much power by calling it a monster. We are the masters here of our own habits. Or at least we should be.

In my own life, I have found there are seven things I have to focus upon in order to stay consistent. Call them habits, or thought patterns. Whatever they are, they are necessary for me to stay on the consistency bandwagon. (more…)

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10 Tasks That Show Consistency Is Boring (That’s Why Most People Don’t Stick With It)

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How did I move from being an utter and complete failure, to the success I am right now? One simple technique. Consistency. 

I know, I know! It isn’t as exciting as winning money in a lottery or hitting a really great penny stock.

But it is the only thing I know of that has been the secret to success for hundreds of thousands of people. Those people who are quietly and boringly making a tiny little bit of progress every single day in their chosen fields are the ones who end up being ‘Overnight successes’ ten or fifteen years later.

That’s the thing about success – it’s all about little gains over a long period of time, leading to the compounding effect (something Darren Hardy speaks about in his book ‘The Compound Effect’).

In fact, success is BORING.

I think of this story whenever I think of boring consistency. There is a track and field centre near my parent’s house. When I would be going to an early hot Yoga class on the weekends, I would drive past it around 7am (my class was at 8am, but I like to get there early to seep in the warmth). I always noticed this young man (late teens) running on the track every morning, by himself. He had a hoodie on (it was winters in Toronto), and he would be going around the track over and over again. (more…)

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Consistency Matters – 12 Ways to Take Advantage of It

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Consistency Matters

A few years back, I was rudderless. I had no direction. I went to university and got my Master’s degree only because everyone else I knew was doing that. I bought a condo because it seemed like everyone else was as well. I hadn’t discovered consistency matters yet.

I worked full-time in a 9-5 job because everyone else was doing that. I was living some one else’s life, because I was too lazy to think for myself. I was also extremely lazy.

I could have stayed that way, but the more I worked I moved through my days, unhappy with the way things were going, not ecstatic to be waking up everyday, seeing others living MY ideal life, I decided I needed to change.


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