Internal Point of Reference

Having An Internal Point Of Reference Makes Decision Making Easier

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This story will illustrate an internal point of reference. I visited my friend, Zita, recently at a tiny beach town in Mexico, called Sayulita. She was chatting at dinner about her recent trip to Las Vegas. And how when she told her friend about the trip, the friend said immediately, “You are so lucky you are in party central.” My …

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[Ep 53] Create a Jealousy Map to Guide Your Decisions

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In this episode, I’ll be chatting about using jealousy as a guidepost to our heart’s desires, rather than an emotion to be avoided. I call these Jealousy Maps. Normally, jealousy is used in a negative light. We believe that if we feel jealousy then we are horrible human beings, who are imperfect, and that, we should never ever feel jealousy …