Why A Life Of Time Freedom Is Crucial For Me

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There are many ways to live a life. There are many ways to not live a life as well. For the longest time, I felt like I was doing the latter. Oh, I was breathing in oxygen, and breathing out carbon dioxide at a regular frequency. But I felt like something was missing from the equation of breathing in and out. It wasn't like I was breathing in and out for some awesome goal in the future. I didn't want children or marriage, so what was I actually living for? Just to keep on buying a lot of useless shit, to put into a home that I barely spent anytime in. I spent all of my free time shopping, because I was so bored at work, that I needed to soothe myself with lots of pretty little things, that lost their shimmer almost as soon as I had purchased them. I wanted to spend my time doing something else. When I poked…

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Digital Nomads Are Living An AntiStagnation Lifestyle

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When I first heard of the Digital Nomad lifestyle, I imagined that it would be the absolute perfect fit for me. In so many ways, it has been. But the reason why I love being on the road so much is because to me, a digital nomad is living the antistagnation lifestyle. There is no way that a digital nomad after all of that travel, movement, learning, and personal growth, could stay stagnant in any area of their life. Not only are you learning a lot from the process of travelling for a majority of your life, but also, you are learning from the other like-minded and un-like minded folks on the road. Each culture, and city that you travel to and live in, teaches you something new about the world. In addition, each travelling day when you are far away from family, friends, and familiarity, teaches you something about yourself. What Is Your Mettle Like? Digital Nomads Know. Until I started…

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The Day You Stop Racing, Is The Day You Win The Race

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Bob Marley said those wise words that make up the title of this post. I am not as wise as him, but the words he said make so much sense to me that I wanted to share my own experience with them. Everything comes to us in exactly the right time.

These words came to me in a moment where I was racing so hard that I was killing myself. I was racing against time, beyond time, and hoping to beat time. I was working 18 hours a day, and not able to rest fully at night. I was fulfilled, don’t get me wrong. I was happy. I thought this was what I was supposed to be doing. And probably in those moments of time, I was. I absolutely was meant to be doing that.

But as moments passed by, the message became clear. I had to stop racing against time. The race had to end, or I would die racing.

To put it into real life terms, the universe was sending me the signal, that the more I was doing, the further away from myself I was running off to. Even though, I was spending my time working on projects that meant the world to me, it still didn’t mean anything. It still meant that I was running around, being inauthentic to my true self. My true self just wanted to sit around, create, be lazy, and grow immeasurably through that laziness. (more…)

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Consider How Far You’ve Come Before Shaming Yourself For Not Being More

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I have a tendency as most people do to shame myself for not doing enough, not being enough, not having enough, and more. Even though, I am successful in my mind, and I am living an awesome life, there’s always something more I could be doing. I’m becoming better and better in this regard as time goes on, but it’s still one of those things I struggle with.

The universe, I love her so much, she is always looking out for me, which means, that I got a message from her recently that really made me feel so grateful for the journey I have undertaken. But more than that, it made me realize really how far I have come, and how proud I should be about that fact.

It’s not about bragging or boasting. It’s about genuinely being kind to myself, and loving myself for the fact that I have done so much and I have come so far. (more…)

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Where And How Do You Bloom? What Makes You Bloom?

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Until, I moved to Chiang Mai, and started living with my kinfolk, I used to think I am insane. I used to think that I was an alien. That no one on this planet was like me, and that I was going to go crazy before the end of my life, if I ever got there. I believed I was an alien that was planted here, for some weird experiment. I didn’t understand the point of me, my existence, my life.

I lived, because I had to live. My parents wanted me to live, my friends wanted me to live, and this world wanted me to live. In fact, I kept on believing that there was some reason for my existence. I had to believe that, because if I didn’t, I would have really gone insane, or I would have killed myself a long time ago.

I am not saying, I am special in anyway. There are many people on this planet who feel exactly the same way. They feel out of place, and therefore, they think that they don’t belong. They might be born in Texas, but might believe in the pro-life denominations. Or they might be born in Israel, and have Moslem tendencies. These are just random examples, but you know what I mean. (more…)

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Digital Nomads Don’t Need Much Stuff – They Can’t Carry It With Them

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Last month, I went back home to Toronto for a quick family visit, which was really nice, and made me realize how much I missed my family when I am here. Ideally, all of my family would move to Thailand, and we would all live happily ever after, but that’s another story.

While I was there, I rummaged through the few boxes of stuff that I have left behind in my parents’ home, as all children do. There were maybe 6-7 medium sized cardboard boxes. If you can imagine the scene. I am standing there, dressed in a huge winter jacket, thick socks, and boots, in my parent’s cold room in the basement, freezing my ass off. From the heat of Chiang Mai (CM), Thailand, coming to this dreary cold, I was not making the transition as gracefully as I wanted.

I am down there, dressed cozily to the nines, and I open my boxes. (more…)

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Digital Nomads – Who Are They, And Why Do They Matter?

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I dislike using the word ‘Underground Revolution’, because it makes Digital Nomads, DNs for short, seem like some nefarious rock band. But they are far cooler than that, in my opinion and that’s not because I claim to be part of that not-so-nefarious group. I think Digital Nomads matter in a way like most important revolutionary groups matter.

I have been speaking to a lot of people in mainstream businesses, and they have told me the same thing over and over again.

‘I first heard the term Digital Nomad (DN) a few months ago, and I had no idea what that meant.’ Or ‘I didn’t know that I was a digital nomad, until a few months back, when I heard someone describe themselves as such.’

What’s In A Name? A Rose By Any Other Name..

Does the definition of the group or the naming of it matter that much? Not really, unless you realize that revolutions happen because a group of people consider themselves to be part of a select cache, and are willing to fight for that group’s safety, and precedence. I don’t think DNs will have to go into battle anytime soon, but I want to delineate why the naming of a group matters.

I have spoken to many DNs, who became so before the advent of the internet. They used a fax machine, and snail mail to communicate with their bosses. They weren’t necessarily ‘Digital’ Nomads, but they were nomads and they worked on the road. These people would tell me that they had no idea that they were part of this awesome group of people who worked on the road, and were free to travel the world. It gave them a sort of belonging. They didn’t feel lonely anymore. They weren’t just cast-offs, or rebels, or outcasts. They were part of something bigger than themselves. It gave them a sense of safety and security to belong. (more…)

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Why Aren’t Gypsy Hearts Really Appreciated In This World?

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I have a gypsy heart. I wish sometimes that I didn’t. Believe you me, it is a difficult thing nowadays to have a gypsy heart. The world is set up in a manner where you are better off, if you don’t have a raving, roaming, travelling gypsy heart. It is better if you have a heart that likes to stay in one place for all of its life, one place forever and ever. Preferably the place where you were born and where you are going to die. The world doesn’t like too much movement right now. Why can’t you just be happy staying in one place, for God’s sake, people admonish me.

I am happy enough to live in one place, they say to me. If I can be happy like that, you can be happy like that as well. They give me examples of hundreds of thousands of millions of souls who are able to stay in place and remain quite happy. They give me examples of hundreds of thousands of people who moved to a different place and had a horrible ending to their life.

I sit down and listen to all of this. I nod my head, and agree, because that is all I can really do. (more…)

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[Ep 43] Digital Nomading Stretches My Comfort Zone Limits

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In this episode, I’ll be chatting about how digital nomading has completely changed the way I do things.

I used to be afraid of a large variety of things, which led me to have a tiny comfort zone with very little space for risks and challenges.

However, leaving the 9-5 routine for a more suited location independent lifestyle, has led me to expand my comfort zone to a point where its limits have become blurry.

“There are very few things it doesn’t encompass”. Comfort zones become really apparent when we live lives of quiet and solitude, not trying anything new, and getting stuck in a box of our own making. That box becomes smaller and smaller as we grow older, so that we become more and more suffocated. Eventually, that box chokes us out and kills our soul.

Are you in a similar situation at all? Stop doing this to yourself. Try something new that you’ve never tried before, something that would completely stretch you and make you a new and bright person from the inside out.


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