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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be A Digital Nomad (It’s Not All Roses)

Whenever I see posts on becoming a digital nomad, they are all about the glories of it. I have to say, I absolutely love owning my own online business, and working from anywhere in the world. It is glorious. As glorious as can be. Not All Roses But I want to warn people that it is definitely not all a bed of roses, and I would warn you that if you are planning to take this task on, that you…

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[Ep 18] World-Travelling Ukulele Player Shares How She Lives And Works

In this episode, I had the great pleasure of chatting with another amazing influencer, Brooke Palmer. I met Brooke years ago online when she read one of my posts about living a real life on my other blog, BrownVagabonder. She messaged me and we started a conversation and an online friendship that has lasted years now. I love the internet for this exact reason. You might not believe it but I have never met Brooke face-to-face, but we are still…

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3 Reasons I Have Decided To Move To Chiang Mai For Six Months

A few weeks ago, I decided that I will move to Chiang Mai for six months to work on my online business. The decision actually came as a surprise not only to myself, but all of the people around me. I have been happily plugging away on my business in Toronto in my little oasis of a condo downtown. I love Toronto, and I love the life I have here. Three Reasons I Decided To Move To Chiang Mai Here…

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[Ep 3] The Fear Of Quitting Our 9-5 Jobs Paralyzes Most Of Us

Fear Is A Mind Killer In this episode, I’ll be talking about my own journey (a somewhat β€œrocky” journey) of quitting the 9-5 and starting my own online business based on my passionsβ€”meditation, spirituality, and digital nomading. We all want to quit the cubicle, travel the world, and work on a business that is based on our true passions (at least I think so based on the people I meet). We know we need to get out of that shit,…

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