[Ep 62] Why Do Digital Nomads Love Chiang Mai?

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In this episode, I’ll be chatting why I think Chiang Mai attracts digital nomads to come over in droves.

I have been chatting with a lot of people about why they like Chiang Mai. Thus, the podcast, so I could put into words why I love Chiang Mai so much.

[bctt tweet=”I came into Chiang Mai thinking I will be able to get a lot of work done.” username=”BoomShikha”]

In reality, I got only a teeny bit of work done. But, I have met oodles of awesome, awe-inspiring, intelligent, conscious, and entrepreneurial people who have become my friends for life.

They are people who are constantly changing my mindset, who are helping me become a more complete human being, who believe in me and in my potential, and are my guardian angels and advocates in general.

These are people I met only a few months ago and already I know they are going to be with me forever.

This really made me ask why Chiang Mai brings all these amazing people together to form this awesome community within the bounds of this magical country. (more…)

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