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If You Are Not Going To Be Serious About Your Work, No One Else Will

When I first quit my job to start my own business, I didn’t take it seriously, or as seriously as I take it now. I would let people distract me from my work, I would roam around during my most creative hours looking for dates or doing groceries, and I got embarrassed when people would tell me I didn’t have a real job. I bought it upon myself. I didn’t take the work that I was doing seriously. The problem…

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It’s The Process Of Doing That Teaches You How To Do

I am writing a 1000 words of my novel every single day (this doesn’t include blog posts, journaling, and all of the other writing I do during the day). It is the one of the few non-negotiable things that I have to do every single day with my time. Even if I get nothing else done, and I get these words done, my day is a success. Based on the rate that I’m going, I’m going to be publishing a…

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