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0 In Authenticity

A Tragic Story Of Someone Who Waited Too Long

A good friend of mine was telling me a story they heard from an OkCupid date. The story was about the girl’s father. This man was taking early retirement. He had dreamed of retiring for a while now and he was finally getting close to that magic number of 55 years of age. He counted down the weeks: 20 weeks to go, 19, 18… A week or so before the big day, he was hit by a pick-up truck. He…

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2 In Dreaming

Most People Are Going To Believe You Will Fail

Every single person I speak to, who has a big dream or even a small one, has a similar story. They might have just started on their path or they might be at their dream already. No matter what, they have all have a similar tale to tell. It begins something like this…’I was walking down the street, and a coconut fell on my head..’ Sorry, wrong story. Let me try again. ‘One day I decided enough was enough. I…

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