A Tragic Story Of Someone Who Waited Too Long

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A good friend of mine was telling me a story they heard from an OkCupid date. The story was about the girl’s father. This man was taking early retirement. He had dreamed of retiring for a while now and he was finally getting close to that magic number of 55 years of age. He counted down the weeks: 20 weeks to go, 19, 18…

A week or so before the big day, he was hit by a pick-up truck. He was paralyzed from the waist down. He spent the next ten years in a wheelchair, unable to do any of the things he had dreamed of doing – all of those things that he had put on hold until the age of 55. The age when he would finally be free to follow his dreams.

He died in his wheelchair.

Did you get goosebumps reading that story? I did, and everyone I have told this story to, did as well. 

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Most People Are Going To Believe You Will Fail

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Every single person I speak to, who has a big dream or even a small one, has a similar story. They might have just started on their path or they might be at their dream already. No matter what, they have all have a similar tale to tell.

It begins something like this…’I was walking down the street, and a coconut fell on my head..’ Sorry, wrong story. Let me try again. ‘One day I decided enough was enough. I am going to live the life I dream of, even if it kills me.’ And they go on and tell everyone they know of their dream (their first mistake). Every single person they speak to, looks at them with fear and anxiety in their eyes.

‘But how will you pay the mortgage or the bills? And you know 80% of businesses fail. 95% of actors never actually make it. 92% of bands end up playing in clubs and never going anywhere….’ A thousand stats will be thrown at you, all of it designed to deter you from clawing up out of the insane reality that is our current reality.

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