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Why Do INFJs Hate Being Touched By Strangers? – It’s All About Contamination In My Opinion

I’m originally from India. Although I was 5 months old when my parents moved us first to the Middle East, and then to Canada. I’m grateful as an INFJ that my parents did move us, because Indians have really no concept of personal space. Which means that whenever I go back to visit my relatives, even though I love them so much, I always feel grateful to come back to the solitude and vast personal space etiquette of Canada. Conclusion: Energy…

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[Ep 16] My Conversation With A Healing And Transformation Coach

In this episode, I had the great pleasure of chatting with Angelique von Lobbecke. I met her online through an entrepreneurial mastermind, and I was instantly fascinated by what she does for a living. Angelique is an energy healing and transformation coach. She helps heal people with conversation, reiki healing, and other techniques. She’s based in Germany and it was an absolute blast knowing her through our series of chitchats and Q&As. I am extremely sensitive to negative energies around…

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