10 Fears Keeping Us From Living Fulfilling Lives

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What Causes Success

Do you know fear – it’s our archenemy?

When I was younger, I used to wonder why some people had a lot of success in their life – people look up to them, people admire them, people want to be them… Whereas, there were other people who lived lives of quiet desperation – no one even cared if these people lived or died (harsh, I know).

I read hundreds of books on self-help, personal growth, and development, in order to solve this mystery. Over time, I realized that fear was the one thing that held people back from being an astounding success (and consistency, but we have spoken about that previously).

Successful people are full of fear, doubt, anxiety, frustration, anger, jealousy.. just like the unsuccessful people.

We are all the same on the inside.

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