You Cannot Fool Your Spirit Or Soul Forever With Lies

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When I was a child, I thought that I had eons to do all of the things that I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to be a writer, and that was a dream that had stuck with me forever and ever. But, I was told that it was not the most lucrative and realistic dream to have. I decided it would be more lucrative to become a doctor. So I persevered at that. As hard as I could.

But that wasn’t hard enough or good enough. Because I didn’t get in. Three times I applied, and three times, I failed. It was fine. I still had other options. I could try something else. Maybe get a business degree, and become a marketing guru. Or get into a technology company and try to work in social media. Whatever it might be. Whatever it could be, it wasn’t going to be writing, of course.

Writing wasn’t worth it. It wasn’t going to make me any money. No way, no how.

As much as I tried to avoid the truth, my soul or spirit or whatever you want to call it (I like to call it my essence) kept on prodding at me, kept on poking at me. ‘Hey, you,’ it said, over and over again, ‘you are getting distracted from your true purpose. You are supposed to be doing something else.’ (more…)

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