Comparison, Not Fear, Is The Real Mind Killer

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You are not good enough, comparison says to me everyday. I look at social media posts, and comparison tells me, I will never be good enough. I was never good enough to start, and I am going to end up being not good enough, even more.

Comparison tells me that I am ugly, fat, and stupid. It tells me that everyone else, out there, in the real world, is having more fun than me. That they are doing it better than me, no matter what ‘it’ might be. They are better at yoga than me. They are better meditators than me. Hell, they are even better lovers than me.

Comparison tells me I suck at life, I suck at adulting, and I suck at everything that I put my head and heart into. I hate myself, because of comparison. Comparison makes my life a living hell. (more…)

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