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[Ep 76] No Matter What, Come Back To Your Breath

Most of us think that just because we do something all the time, that we must be good at it. That’s not always the case. We breathe naturally throughout the day without even thinking about it but most of us never focus on the WAY we breathe. When life throws obstacles in our way, we tend to panic or become scared or worried. When we feel these emotions are breathing tends to become more rapid and shallow. That isn’t a…

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Why Are People So Afraid Of Intense People Like Me?

“Dial it down.” “Calm down.” “Don’t be so much.” “Stop being so high.” “You are too intense.” “Why are you always too much?” I have heard these statements all of my life. It wasn’t mildly annoying to hear these words thrown at me on a daily or weekly basis. It was extremely degrading, and humiliating. I hated myself for being too much. I wanted to feel less, I wanted to be less, and I wanted to do less. Cool as…

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10 Fears Keeping Us From Living Fulfilling Lives

What Causes Success Do you know fear – it’s our archenemy? When I was younger, I used to wonder why some people had a lot of success in their life – people look up to them, people admire them, people want to be them… Whereas, there were other people who lived lives of quiet desperation – no one even cared if these people lived or died (harsh, I know). I read hundreds of books on self-help, personal growth, and development,…

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[Ep 3] The Fear Of Quitting Our 9-5 Jobs Paralyzes Most Of Us

Fear Is A Mind Killer In this episode, I’ll be talking about my own journey (a somewhat “rocky” journey) of quitting the 9-5 and starting my own online business based on my passions—meditation, spirituality, and digital nomading. We all want to quit the cubicle, travel the world, and work on a business that is based on our true passions (at least I think so based on the people I meet). We know we need to get out of that shit,…

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