We Live And Die Under The Illusion Of A Thousand Tomorrows

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I have a procrastination problem, where I keep on pushing off my work from one day to the next, to the next, to the next, until I realize that the item I pushed off for months on end, isn’t even relevant anymore. Yikes. I see it happening, but like a car accident that’s gone too far, I cannot prevent it, all I can do is watch it happen over and over again, in a nightmarish way. No matter what app I use or how many admonishments I give myself, I keep on doing this over and over again.

There are two reasons for it. The first being that a lot of these items I am pushing off aren’t important to me, or aren’t important in general. If I was able to push them off for months on end, without any ill consequences to me, that means they weren’t truly necessary tasks, but just something nice to do. This reason is important, but not as important as the second reason, which is that, I live under the illusion that I am going to live forever.

That is the only reason I would keep on pushing off my tasks over and over again to this illusionary land called tomorrow, where I am a different person who gets everything on her to-do list done. If I believed that I was going to live forever, and I have a hundred or thousand or million tomorrows at my disposal, I can move off my tasks to those tomorrows, and still get all of my work done.

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[Ep 51] Say Yes To Everything To Be Truly Alive

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In this episode, I’ll be chatting about the value of saying yes to everything that the universe sends your way. This way, you are telling the universe thank you for everything, and I trust your path for me.

If there is one common experience that all of us share and has been through, it is this: saying no to almost every single thing that the universe hurls at us. Most often than not we utter more “no” than “yes” when an opportunity presents themselves upon us.

No is the usual response when confronted with new experiences. I often find myself in that situation, and it made me feel like living in a tiny and limited world that limits human potential.

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