Go Through All Of Your Habits To See If They Still Serve You Well

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One of the things about the start of a New Year is that there is a lot of clarity that suddenly arises in your mind and your life about what’s important to you and what is not. This is the main reason why many people start going to the gym in January. Because they realize all of a sudden that their health and longevity is extremely important to them.

In my case, the New Year has always been a time of self-reflection, and going back to the basics. I am constantly prodding and poking at my schedule, and my habits to figure out if all of the different things I am doing on a daily basis are serving me or not. And the flip side of that coin is figuring out if there are certain habits that I should add into the mix, because it would serve me well.

I have a very rigid daily schedule that includes many different thing that help me become the prolific writer, and creator that I am. Without all of my routine, and rigidity, I wouldn’t have the time or the space or even the energy to create.

Based on my analysis of my schedule, the following are the things I have added and eliminated from my schedule. This will give you an idea of how this process works.


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Be Careful What You Wish For – You Just Might Get It

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There are so many things I want to say about this topic. I have been thinking a lot about wishes, hopes, desires, dreams, and goals. I turned 35 this year. And thankfully, I have never been the kind of person who has to have accomplished a bunch of meaningless tasks before a certain age. I am not disappointed in myself or my life because I am not married. Or because I don’t have babies, or I don’t have a dog.

I am happy that I am who I am, I have done what I have done, and I own what I own.

Interestingly enough, I no longer have a bucket list. I used to have a long, long one when I was in my twenties. There were so many things on it, and I wanted to accomplish them all by the age of 35. But thankfully, I have either accomplished a lot of those things already, and realized they weren’t as much of a big deal as I thought they would be. Or I realized that most things, once achieved, lose their lustre, and turn out to be nonsensical wishes anyways. (more…)

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