How To Become a Creative Conduit and Create More Easily

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Don't get a big head. You are not the creator. Just a creative conduit. You are merely the medium that was chosen for God or that higher intelligence to work through you. All you need to worry about is to how to become a creative conduit more easily. Allow, allow, allow. Allow for the universe to flow through you. Just allow for the grace of the higher intelligence to flow through your fingers and your heart. Don't resist and don't censor. Let go. Breathe. Deeper. Go deeper. Don't stay at the surface. Don't be superficial about it and let go even more. Breathe even deeper. Belly breaths now. That's it. A creative conduit doesn't have it easy, but we have to keep going. Keep on at it. Letting go and relaxing into the process. A Creative Conduit Has To Relax Themselves More and More How relaxed are you right now? Take a look at your body. How tight are your shoulders? Your…

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[Ep 46] Trust The Process, And Let Go To Achieve True Success

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In this episode, I’ll be chatting about why we should let go and trust the process.

As an entrepreneur and a traveller, I have often devised a plan, only to end up going astray.

The main lesson I have learned, is that no matter what we do, we have to keep our faith in what we cannot see and trust that we will be ok no matter what happens!

Life is a journey, so we better take the ride and enjoy it, without worrying constantly about the outcome.

No matter what your projects or goals are, just commit to the work and trust the process!

If we allow life to reveal itself through us, and consent to everything that happens to us, we will worry less and be happier. (more…)

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Surrender To The Universe And All Will Come

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In the past few months, I have been practicing mindfulness in a big way. I have been able to stay present in the moment because I have been enjoying building my business and all the other things I have been up to so very much. The absolute perfect side-effect of being mindful is surrendering to the goodness of the universe. It wasn’t something I expected to happen, as I was an absolute control freak in my past life. But meditation, mindfulness, and creative risks have all caused me to become more open to the universe, and its plan for me.

The Universe Loves Us All

Surrendering to the perfectness of the universe isn’t easy. But it starts off with a simple belief. ‘The Universe loves me, and wants to take care of me.’ This simple thought is hard for most people to comprehend. Most people walk around with the perception that this is a hard world to live in, that the world is out to get them, and if they want to survive, they need to fight this world. We go into life everyday thinking it is a battlefield, when in actuality it is a beautiful dance.

The mindset shift that is required is crucial in this case. You cannot think that the universe hates you and is out to get you, and still believe that the universe’s plan for you is going to work. I hope this makes sense to you. Let’s expand further.

Control Freaks Beware

The trend of controlling behaviour is quite alarming. OCD and its parallel behaviours are becoming quite common among people nowadays. This world increasingly feels out of control and scary. In order to deal with these feelings, we try to control ourselves and our environments as much as possible. We try to plan, analyze, attack, and accumulate to the max. Every little thing has to be controlled. (more…)

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