We Live In A Magical And Transformational Time

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I am sitting here in a bullet train going from Tokyo to Kobe, with my sister who met up with me from Toronto, and writing out a blog post, that’s going to reach hundreds of people over its lifetime. I feel so blessed, and I feel an immense amount of gratitude to be alive in this moment of time.

I’m sure things are only going to keep on getting better and better as time goes on. Technology will improve. People will change and become stronger, braver, faster, prettier. The world will surely transform in a way that I can’t even imagine right now.

But, in this moment in time, as I sit here, in this bullet train that’s zooming at speeds of more than 200 km/hr, I feel this sense of awe that I’m here and alive.

I know I probably harp on this over and over again, but this is something that I really want you guys to understand. Or at least experience not only second-hand from me, but also first-hand with yourself.


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