[Ep 61] Want A Manifesting Tip To Manifest All The Goodies?

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In this episode, I’ll be sharing with you about manifesting everything we want and more.

We are all afraid to want too much, but we also want to be able to manifest all of what we want. These conflicting thoughts are killing our manifesting powers. Listen up – the universe wants, wants, wants you to have every thing you want and more. Everything, with a capital E.

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But this does not mean I am just sitting around and not doing any work. The work doesn’t necessary need to be external, but can be internal as well.

Every single time, I sit down to do a meditation session, I’m bringing up my vibration level, and becoming a better manifestor. Ever single time, I do yoga, or dance in my living room, I’m doing the same. It all matters. There isn’t anything that is too little. In fact, all the little things add up to make up all the big ones.

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How To Manifest Awesome On A Daily Basis

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Do you want to manifest awesome daily? I know you do. Who wouldn’t?

I was sitting down with a friend the other day at a birthday party and we started chatting about all of the random stuff that keeps on happening to me. I told him the story of my mastermind group meet-up. A few days ago, my two person mastermind group met up to discuss money blocks. We were busy chatting away at this beautiful coffee shop in Chiang Mai called Graph Table, when a random man walks up to our table and stands there staring at me. I remembered at that point that I had asked this individual to drop off a book I was interested in borrowing from him. I introduced him to my friend, and he sat down to have a coffee with us.

Four hours later, he was still sitting with us, now part of our money blocks discussion. It was one of the most enlightening discussions I have had in a long time. It was even crazier because I was discussing deep dark money secrets with a complete stranger.

I wondered out loud at the birthday party why this stuff keeps on happening to me where I manifest awesome daily.

My friend replied, ‘It’s because you are so open to everything. Most people would have shut the person out and told them that you are having a private conversation. But you accepted the universe’s gift to you and invited him to your money blocks discussion. That’s where the magic happens. It happens at the extremes. It doesn’t happen when we are safe and secluded, but when we are open and out there.’ (more…)

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