Be Specific in the Way You Use Meditation

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Most of us know that meditation is a powerful tool that can absolutely and completely transform our lives for the better. Then why aren't we using it in the specific ways that it is meant to be used? Why are we being so fickle or temperamental with its usage? Meditation is a powerful tool, but not just that. In my opinion, it is the ultimate tool to get yourself from 0 to 100 reasonably fast. But most of us end up using meditation as a mind-scrubber rather than a transformative tool. Read on to see how you can use meditation in very specific ways to improve your life. Meditation Is a Powerful Tool To Relieve Anxiety Most people start meditating as a way of relieving their stress and anxiety. It is the ultimate tool for that. In fact, that's one of the reasons I started meditating diligently. I noticed that I felt a whole lot better about my life and everything that…

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I Want To Live Little No More

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Suffering is due to our disconnection with the inner soul. Meditation is establishing that connection. – Amit Ray

One meditation style that is extremely hard for me, but something that I like to practice from time to time, is ‘Observing the observer.’ I’m not an expert in this style, but what I have found is that there are thoughts that flow back and forth across my consciousness, and if I lift the veil on those thoughts, there is a deeper me.

This deeper me is the essence of me.

She (for lack of a better pronoun) is always there – serenely sitting and observing everything. She is unaffected by the waves of thoughts, the turmoil of emotions, and the ups and downs of life. I compare her to the deep ocean – the storm might affect the top layer of the ocean and cause it to be tumultuous, but the deeper layers are unaffected, serene and calm.


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Meditation Is All About Unmuddying The Mind

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Whenever I think about all of the wonderful benefits that meditation has bought my way, I’m so grateful that I started meditating. I feel absolutely lucky to have discovered the practice of meditation so early on in my life (I think I was 28 when I started meditating).

I am forever and always discovering more and more reasons why I love to meditate. Every year, researchers are discovering new and varied reasons why meditation is so good for us.

All of this to say, that meditation really matters as one of those cornerstone habits that can absolutely transform your life, your body, and your soul.

But one of the primary benefits of meditation that has truly transformed my life has been the unmuddying aspect of it.

I want to use this blog post as a chance to explain my thought on what is unmuddying, and how meditation helps with it.


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Mindfulness Gives You Time, And Time Gives You Freedom

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Why does mindfulness matter so much? Why is every guru out there, harping about meditation, and its benefits? And why is everything nowadays laced with this idea of being present and being in the moment? Is it really that important, this mindfulness idea?

I used to wonder about all of this, as you probably have. I couldn’t understand why it is so important for all of us to become present, and come back to stillness and silence at least once a day.

The more I meditate though, the more I realize what all of the fuss was all about. Ah, I see now, I think to myself, every single day, as the cobwebs in my mind get cleaned up, and I see more clearly.


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Peace Doesn’t Come To Us In A Moment In The Future

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When we are here in this moment in time, and if we aren’t happy in this moment in time, we believe our peace and happiness lies somewhere in the future. It’s there, out there somewhere. It’s not here, it’s not here with me, but out there.

Maybe, our happiness is attached to some car, or some purse, or some person, or some destination. Once, we get there, we will be happy. By now, all of you must know this story and how it ends.

The universe can be rather dastardly in giving us its teachings. We teach that thing that we had been working towards, and all of a sudden, we realize we are still not happy.

Damn! Okay, no worries. I’m sure my happiness is somewhere in the future, somewhere out there, somewhere in that next t-shirt I will buy. Or that beautiful person that I will date. Or that Korean drama that I will watch.


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[Ep 80] I’m Obsessed With Flow States And Here’s Why

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In this episode, I’ll be talking to you about flow states. What are Flow states and how are they important to human beings who want to live fulfilling lives? If you don’t already know, a Flow state is that feeling you get when you are in alignment with the universe and everything in your life feels perfect and life is going just the way you want it. At this moment, life couldn’t be any better even if you tried. Everything, life, relationships, work, they all feel effortless and life feels like it will pass you by so quickly. Podcast Content What is Flow state? How to improve your Flow state A Flow state can enhance your life How I changed my life and achieve my Flow state Find what makes you happy in life and do it! If you are unhappy in your life or in a situation where you are not happy, be it a job you don’t like or a…

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You Can’t Go Back, No Matter How Hard You Try

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Recently, I went to Dubai for a quick transit trip. I hadn’t been back to Dubai in 18 years at that point. I had spent some of the happiest years in my teenage years in Dubai, and then we left when I was 16. It was a bittersweet end to a few brilliant years in the country and I always had this desire, this internal wanting to go back – to go visit my childhood place, the country where I had made so many beautiful memories.

A few days ago, I got that wish fulfilled. I was going to visit my birthplace, India, for 3 whole weeks, and we were going to transit through none other than Dubai. Wow, what a coincidence. Could this be a sign from the universe? Telling me perhaps that I can go back and capture those years and memories from the past.

Of course, you know where this story is going. As the taxi drove us around the hot concrete jungle that is Dubai, I felt a pang in my heart. This is not my Dubai. This is not the place that I remember in my heart – the place that I had been dutifully storing in my memories for so long. It was an imposter! I felt angry, and betrayed. I felt hurt, and confused. (more…)

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We Are All So Powerful And Capable Of So Much Happiness

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There is this misconception in the world right now. It isn’t something many people speak about, or even realize. I think the only reason I realized it and some others do realize it, is because we have seen the other side. We have experienced what it’s like to be powerful and happy.

The myth or misconception is that human beings as an individual unit are weak, and capable of only misery. If we do get happy, it is a temporary thing, and will dim out soon enough. I wish to tell you that this is absolutely false, and there is no reason for you to believe this falsehood anymore.

Break off the shackles of lie, and come forth into the light with me. Or something to that effect.  (more…)

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Why Did I Start Meditating? What Did It Get Me?

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Recently, I started thinking about the first time, I meditated, and it bought up a host of memories for me. Such an interesting journey it has been for me, and I wanted to share a bit of it with you. Hopefully, you will find it interesting, enlightening, and engaging.

I did my first meditation session when I did my Yoga Teacher Training in 2011 in Toronto. One of our instructors would sit us down in a tiny closed off room, with the lights dimmed down, and guide us through a brief meditation, perhaps, 15 or 20 minutes. I remember the feeling of sitting down, and having nothing to do. Sitting down, and being able to think of nothing. Really being in my body, and feeling every corpuscle of it. It was absolutely amazing.

When my teacher training finished, I wanted to continue on with it, and so I searched for some music that I could play, and I downloaded it and burned it onto this CD. I don’t remember now what song it was, or who was singing. But I remember that there was a didgeridoo playing, which was an interesting experience in itself. (more…)

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