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How I Am Trying To Bring Conscious Shopping Into My Life

I am truly now understanding the meaning of conscious shopping. There are so many things to think about when you are going to buy something somewhere. First of all, plastic – are they using plastic or not, and if they are, is there anyway for you to avoid it. Second, are they using sustainable items, things that are compostable, or renewable, like bamboo, hemp, or second hand items, that are not going to use more resources. Third, are they using…

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Mindfulness Gives You Time, And Time Gives You Freedom

Why does mindfulness matter so much? Why is every guru out there, harping about meditation, and its benefits? And why is everything nowadays laced with this idea of being present and being in the moment? Is it really that important, this mindfulness idea? I used to wonder about all of this, as you probably have. I couldn’t understand why it is so important for all of us to become present, and come back to stillness and silence at least once…

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You Can’t Go Back, No Matter How Hard You Try

Recently, I went to Dubai for a quick transit trip. I hadn’t been back to Dubai in 18 years at that point. I had spent some of the happiest years in my teenage years in Dubai, and then we left when I was 16. It was a bittersweet end to a few brilliant years in the country and I always had this desire, this internal wanting to go back – to go visit my childhood place, the country where I…

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The Day You Stop Racing, Is The Day You Win The Race

Bob Marley said those wise words that make up the title of this post. I am not as wise as him, but the words he said make so much sense to me that I wanted to share my own experience with them. Everything comes to us in exactly the right time. These words came to me in a moment where I was racing so hard that I was killing myself. I was racing against time, beyond time, and hoping to…

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We Are Always Right Where We Are Supposed To Be

Recently, I had to quit a job, and move back home as my parents needed my youth and strength around them to give them energy and vitality. It was an easy decision to make. I didn’t dilly-dally about it. I had the revelation during the lunar eclipse in July 2018. Lots of old ideas faded, or were ripped out of me. I had to decide what was truly important to me. My parents needed me. I had to go back…

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[Ep 63] Ordinary Moments Vs. Extraordinary Moments

In this episode, I’ll be chatting about the challenges of staying in the moment. When we realize that every moment in our life is extraordinary in its own way, and we can learn from each moment in its own special way, that is when we will truly start living in the present moment and changing our lives. I notice whenever I go to any cafe, or restaurant, that most patrons, including myself, are busy consuming content on our phones, rather…

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The More I Meditate, The More My Intuition Builds Up

One of the main reasons I am such an advocate of meditation is because of the effect it has on intuition. For those of us, who are looking to build theirΒ intuition, or connect better with our gut, meditation is one of the most powerful tools I have found. In this blog post, I’ll answer your questions about meditation and its relation to intuition. WhyΒ does Intuition Matter? So many of us spend way too much of our time listening to the…

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