[Ep 77] Gain Momentum By Doing Something Every Day

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In this episode, I will be talking to you about momentum and how if you do something every day in your chosen field of success, you will receive the success that you wish for. Every day, we should be building momentum in everything we do. It’s so easy to roll over and say you’re sick or your tired and you’ll do it tomorrow but once we stop, even for a day, we lose momentum. If we lose momentum, then progress in our chosen fields becomes harder and harder. Whatever it might be - getting better in your sport, or at an instrument, or moving your business forward or your friendships and relationships; daily momentum matters. Daily, consistent, persistent, and small movements every day is necessary. Podcast Content Life is like a game of chess We must play the long game How can you move your life forward? Dedicate time in your day to progress daily in your chosen field We can play…

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How To Create Unstoppable Momentum In Business?

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When I first started this business and brand, I did what everyone does. I started off by building a website. I went around the Interwebs and looked at all of the successful people in my field, and looked at their website. Of course, that was the worst thing to do as a newbie. I saw all of their amazing professional spick and span websites, and I looked at my starter website and I faltered.

This made me think, I am never going to get to where these people are at. I will never catch up. After I had that debilitating thought, I started working day and night trying to “catch up” with people who didn’t even know they were in a race with me.

Of course, I burnt out long before I got any further ahead. The lesson was, of course, to never compare. But also to take it as slow as a baby. Especially when you are starting out something so big. (more…)

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Build Momentum In Your Life And Business Every Day

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I had a dream recently. I was sitting down with a famous guru, and we were playing chess. I moved one chess piece, and then, he moved one, and we kept on playing over years it seemed. Time stood still at times, and then it rapidly moved at others. But when I woke up, I felt like my subconscious was trying to tell me something really important. It was so interesting to me, as my life right now is exactly about this lesson that my dream was trying to give me... "Build momentum in your life and business by moving one tiny chess piece forward every single day." I have spent so much time in my past life doing exactly the opposite. I would get really gung-ho about a new endeavour that I had decided to take on, like rollerblading or Aikido. I would be so excited, and enthusiastic for a month or two months. Then, I would get tired of maintaining…

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